3 April 2016


Well hasn't this week just been cracking! I left my last post on a positive note, smiling through the discomfort. I can safely say the good feeling has now disappeared and has been replaced with grumpiness and tiredness. YAY!

Along with the slight hungover feeling all day, everyday, my sleep pattern has decided to abandon me completely. This inevitably makes me sleep until midday which then throws my day out of whack. The past few days I've been trying to not nap during the day but that doesn't seem to be having any affect on my sleep at night. My appetite is still basically none existent - aside from demolishing 1 Easter egg per day earlier on in the week - I've even turned my nose up at Domino's!

The side effects have completely changed since last week. One of the weirdest ones I've had are really vivid nightmares which leave me completely terrified for a good few hours. I'm pretty sure this is probably semi normal but its not exactly ideal! I've been feeling a little guilty this week as I was hoping to have more energy to be able to ease myself back into normal life...that however hasn't happened yet. On a more positive note I have managed to do ridiculously menial tasks like walking the dog and cooking dinner - YAY! - but then again I did burn my cupcakes this afternoon - BOO!

I've got my review with the doctor tomorrow so I'm hoping to start feeling a little more normal soon. I also had my first mental health assessment this week. As I'm not really a big fan of therapy that just consists of talking without a productive outcome - honestly, I talk to anyone who will listen! Talking is not my problem! - I've been advised to give a self help course a try. This is basically an over the phone chat once a week with advise and tips on how to cope with how I'm feeling. It's sort of like a work book to go through. If this doesn't help then I'll be referred for CBT to help further. The doctors referred me to a non for profit group called InSight that they work with, you can also refer yourself by giving them a call - although if you are concerned about your mental health I'd definitely seek advise from your GP also! The side affects might be awful but the drugs really do help. You are put through a few assessments just to establish what treatment would be most beneficial. I was told on my first call this can take up to 2 months but mine has been sorted within 2 weeks.

Whilst mooching through the internet during one of my slight insomnia moments I came across this blog post which I found really interesting. It was basically this chaps experience with the medication I am taking. Maybe once I'm a bit further down the line I can share my experience too. When I don't feel fuzzy anyway!

I'm meant to be going back to work on Tuesday but I'm just not sure if I'm ready...especially when I can't get more than 4 hours sleep at night and my anxiety is still pretty crazy.


  1. Sorry to read you've been having such a rubbish time recently. Not being able to settle into a sleep pattern is the worst, it effects your whole day and your energy levels dramatically. If you're still not feeling up to it don't push yourself to go back to work as you might make things worse. You have to put yourself first. Hope you start to feel better next week lovely x

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. So many pretty things on your list! I hope you have a wonderful day!