4 May 2016


Afternoon campers! You may of noticed that recently I've taken a little break from blogging - ok it's been a month but who's counting really! It been a hectic few weeks what with being back at work, getting to grips with my new job and generally trying to battle through my poorlyness. So lets have a brew and a little catch up shall we!

Over the last couple of weeks that I've been AWOL a lot of things have changed over here.

I've started back at work and in a new role where there a lot of supportive new people and much more of a "family" atmosphere which is LOADS better to work in. I actually want to get up and go to work in the morning! I've also been taking part in my CBT self help therapy. Unfortunately as much as the material is working only having half an hour every fortnight on the phone isn't as supportive as I would assume a face to face for an hour on a weekly basis would be. I am sticking it out until the end of the 5 week course and may well see if I can continue on a more regular basis. I just think its nice to work through it with someone that understands instead of sitting in my living room on my own.

All in all, things have been a little more positive. I am nowhere near the end but things are slowly starting to get better and are slotting into place...which is definitely a good thing!

So now that I'm getting my life back on track, I think its time to get back into blogging don't you!


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