1 June 2016


My god its been a while! *dusts off cobwebs from keyboard!* It's been a fair few months since I've blogged about anything at all - what with being a little bit crazy and everything - but things have started to get better. I've got a lovely new job, a lovely clean house and also....A BLOODY BABY ON THE WAY!

Who would of thought it aye! The last 6 months have been chaos in my head but I have never been more happy and smiley than I have been since I discovered my little butterfly cake brewing inside me! I mean I actually cried, proper tears of joy! Has anyone else ever done this? This is the first time in my life! And wow it was emotional!

After the eventual shock had settled in, I have done nothing but beem with joy and shout about how pregnant I am to anyone that asked - and even some people that didn't!

Unfortunately the miracle of a baby comes with some downsides. For me this has been waves of nausea, massive amounts of heartburn and a very delicate tummy! And don't even get me started on the mild anxiety of waiting 8 whole weeks to even see a healthcare professional, let alone my little bundle of joy!

I think it is a little bit like a 40 week hazing ritual into Motherhood! But hey, it'll be worth it in the end...after the screaming and pushing. I'm really not looking forward to that part!

Anyway, thats my little piece of news and we are really mega excited about it! And also the first of many baby posts to come!

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