10 July 2016


Morning campers! It's been a while - lets try about a month and a bit! Oops!
This is mostly down to my horrendous morning sickness and also because I haven't actually got an efficient white background for photo's and I'm just not happy with any photo's for posts! #BLOGGERPROBS

Today unfortunately my post isn't about exciting new baby stuff or my new favourite nail colour. Today's post is a little bit of a rant after my first encounter with the judgemental Mum police. You know the one's, the one's that enforce their views and look down on you like you are a terrible mother. The one's that judge you when you chose to not breast feed or don't bring your child up in a certain way. Now, I know every Mum runs into these trolls at some point...but I wasn't expecting this before our little shrimp was even born!

After having a really tough day sickness wise yesterday, I posted a status online about something really lovely that made me smile. I felt my little shrimpy wiggle around for the first time. I'm not talking full on football player mode but just little tiny tickly feelings just below my belly button. As I'm only just approaching the end of my first trimester I thought this was a little odd so I had a little Google and behold...many, many other Mums have had the same thing as me. It is known as Quickening.

So there I was, basking in my happiness along with all my other Mummy-to-be and new Mummy friends who experienced the same thing when the Mum Police arrived tooting their horn about how it is just wind and not to get to excited. This is someone that I know - we aren't besties or anything but we engaged in civil conversation for a few years - not just a random troll on Twitter or anything. Someone who sort of knows me as a person. So I'm sitting their partially seething at the audacity of their comment and partially holding back the tears - because you know, hormones! - when I start receiving messages from my friends asking if I am ok and calling all these names under the sun. It all escalated very quickly after that with my Mummy friends jumping to my aid to fight my corner and it all went a bit Jeremy Kyle when she started messaging me making very personal comments - which are nothing to do with being a mother or having a baby!

Anyway I digress, my whole point of this post is, surely the rule of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" applies here. If I saw a post about something I thought was bollocks on my social media I would just ignore it. Moan about it with my bestie, sure, but I wouldn't poke my nose into a situation where it wasn't asked. Unless you are literally a best friend or family member, your opinions have no weight - and even then sometimes we don't listen - just smile and wish them well!

Maybe the hoards of other women on these forums I was Googling were wrong, maybe it was gas and not the miracle of baby making. That isn't anyone's call to make except for me! If I want to sit there, hold my slightly bloaty, not yet bump like tummy and smile so what! Unless I am putting mine or my babies life at risk, get back in your box! Go and focus on your own child or your own life and leave me to mine.

Phew! That feels better - trying to be a civilised Mummy is hard work! I think it's time for a nap! Thanks for listening guys!

I have a boat load of posts coming up - when I eventually buy something to use as a decent background for flat lays!

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