26 July 2016


Morning campers! After months of being stuck in my little blog rut I have finally got out of my funk! Mainly due to the fact that I've finally gone out and bought myself a massive sheet of card to use for flat lays - AHH! My mind is at ease! So I thought we should really have a little bit of a catch up. July has been a crazy ass month!

So first off, I've had chronic morning sickness so I've been signed off work for the majority of July. Lets not get too excited though, its hardly been a holiday as I have spent most of it sleeping or becoming very close friends with the toilet bowl! I couldn't even eat birthday cake!

July for me is usually jam packed of celebrations and get togethers all in aid of my birth! I love a good birthday! This year has been extremely different! Thanks to the little munchkin growing inside of me, this has been the first year in around 10 years I haven't even sniffed a drop of alcohol and due to my ridiculous morning sickness food has been a slight right off also.

My lovely friends and family made a fuss of me with lots of Lush treats and special bits and bobs and Kieran got me most loveliest Cath Kidston Nappy Bag and also my favourite of all presents...my engagement ring!

Which brings me to July's second bit of news...WE'RE ENGAGED!! We've talked about if for a while but the baby news has given us a little kick and that's it! He had it all planned, we would go for a romantic picnic and then he would pop the question - unfortunately with English weather and all this plan went slightly out of the window. So my birthday morning, whilst we were lying in bed with a cup of tea, he rolled over, looked me in the eyes and handed me the little black box. It may not be the most romantic of stories but it's kind of perfect for us.

On top of all this excitement, we also had our 12 week scan and got to see our little shrimpy - wiggling around and everything! I got a little teary eyed watching this little thing in my stomach jump around. My due date has also been confirmed as 29th January! I really hope Next hurry up and bring out their "born in 2017" range!

I also missed my little blog's 1 year anniversary AND the Next sale due to my whole morning sickness thing! So Happy Birthday to me and my little corner of the internet. I promise I will make up for it for the next one - for the blog and me!

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