30 July 2016


Morning campers! HAPPY SECOND TRIMESTER TO ME! I am 1/3 of the way through the joyful ordeal which is creating life. Unfortunately I haven't had the greatest of times with my first few months but silver lining, I get to create a blog post out of it. For any of you lovely ladies who have just found out your pregnant or are having a rough time I have put together my essential list to get you through your first 3 months of pregnancy.

RENNIES: Ahh heartburn! For the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant I experienced the worlds worst heartburn. It woke me up in the middle of the night and felt like someone was branding my chest. Although I struggled to get rid of it completely the Rennies helped ease the discomfort - and they a lot more pleasant than thick, pink Gaviscon!

A SPORTS BOTTLE: Hydration is key for morning sickness! My water bottle is a 750ml cycling bottle and it has literally became another limb! I take it everywhere - to work, walking the dog, to bed - and especially in these warmer months it really comes in handy. Plus this baby making business makes you super thirsty.

LUSH MASK OF MAGNAMINTY FACE MASK: In the beginning when my hormones where through the roof I broke out in hideous clusters of spots. They just would not go away! So one night, whilst lying in my lukewarm bubbly tub I decided to wack on a face mask. The next morning, my hormonal outbreak was better and far less angry! This is my favourite Lush face mask so even in pregnancy or not, give this miracle worker a try if you suffer from PMT pimples.

A COMFY BRA: Whether or not you have gigantic bossoms or not, the hormones surging through your body will not only make you bloaty they will also cause your boobs to turn into sore, heavy sacks of awkwardness. The only answer, ditch the underwire and invest in a comfy bra. Be it lacy or full on sports bra - whatever you are comfy in wear it to death. And buy multiples. In different sizes! I definitely recommend the collection from Marks & Spencer's and also ASDA.

HOT WATER BOTTLE: Back pain doesn't just kick in when your about to pop. Unfortunately there is conflicting information as to if Deep Heat is safe to use during pregnancy and lets face it, Deep Freeze just doesn't go deep enough. Enter the hot water bottle! I fill mine just a little bit and kind of lie on it for maximum effect.

STRETCHY CLOTHES: All the pre baby bloat makes your jeans a little bit snug and that baby bump creeps up on you! One day you will wake up and *POW* them skinny jeans button up a little bit too snugly. Just make sure you have some leggings or something so you don't have to pull a Regina George and dig out your sweatpants! Personally, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of maternity jeans/jeggings but I will definitely post once I have found them.

COCOA BUTTER BODY LOTION: Not only does cocoa butter make you feel a little bit more pampered but it helps to strengthen your skin which in turn helps ward off stretch marks. Although you can't stop the purple lines from appearing you can help your skins elasticity which will help.

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