10 August 2016


Morning campers! I've seen a few other bloggers doing these weekly updates on how their pregnancy is going and you know what, they seem kind of fun! So I'm jumping on the bangwagon and joining in. Plus, it's kind of a sweet thing to look back on when shrimpy arrives - or god forbid, if I have another one after! I hope to push one out - wow, bad choice of words! - at least once a month so keep your eyes peeled!

HOW BIG IS BABY: Our baby is as big as a pear.

HOW I'M FEELING: Extremely exhausted but no longer nauseas! YAY!

HOW MY BODY IS CHANGING: Well I definitely can't fit in to my normal jeans anymore but I'm still looking more like I've demolished an "all you can eat" chinese than a yummy Mummy.

CRAVINGS AND AVERSIONS:  The "salt and vinegar" craving is still going strong, as is the chicken breast aversion. However I am finally starting to get some healthy meals down me.

SOMETHING THAT MADE ME HAPPY THIS WEEK: Hearing Shrimpy's heartbeat on the doppler. I went to have my 15 week visit with my Midwife and I had my first doppler experience and it was bloody emotional.

STRANGE SYMPTOMS: This week I've been having some terrifyingly vivid nightmares and some chronic heartburn...god pregnancy is lovely.

This week is my first day back at work after my 5 weeks off due to severe morning sickness so I may be a little quiet - and my posts are also 3 days behind schedule already ARGH! The next Pregnancy Talk post will be coming in a few weeks.

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