20 September 2016


OH.MY.GOD! Yes, you read right! Last week I attended FRIENDSFEST with my ultimate bestie Donna! For those of you unaware - or that don't watch Friends repeats on Comedy Central - this is a festival style event dedicated to all things F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If you have no idea what Friends is...get out, now, I'm being serious. What have you done with your life! So I present to you a quick run through of our time last week - please excuse the chunkiness! My bump hasn't appeared yet so I still look like I've eaten a few too many pizzas! I promise, there is a baby in there!

I wanted to go to Friendsfest last year when it debuted in London but unfortunately it's just a little bit too far. This year however there were a few events scattered around the country. As soon as I spotted the adverts on Comedy Central I put a reminder on my phone and booked tickets straight away. The tickets for the event were £24 each - which includes your slot to tour Monica's Apartment. I immediately messaged my bestie and told her "WE ARE DOING THIS!"

After waiting 2 months after buying our tickets we finally made our way to Harewood House in Leeds on 16th September. After a quick mooch at some spectacularly huge houses on the trip there we arrived at our destination. We parked up and made our way down the field to the set up of the mini festival. There we little marquees scattered around an area of the field at Harewood House. There were various stalls featuring the Moondance Diner and a Central Perk coffee cart as well as different sets including Monica's Apartment, the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and of course Central Perk. 

We arrived just before our Monica's Apartment slot so after a quick scan of the event we queued up.

The slot includes the main titles set, the apartment and also Joey and Chandlers place which includes a snazzy little bar. There are members of staff EVERYWHERE to take a ridiculous amount of photos of you on the various sets - which we took full advantage of. As fun as it all was...you did sort of feel like you were on a conveyer belt and as we came at quite a busy time I did feel a little bit rushed to move out of the way for other people to get their shots, especially in Monica's apartment. I still managed to get a few cracking snaps though.

The lighting in the apartment was bloody bright and awful so the door had to have a lonely selfie...harsh down lighting is not my friend!

We then made our way to Central Perk - there was a very small queue and yet more photo opportunities through out. This was honestly my favourite part as all the detail was amazing. There was a singer to add to the atmosphere singing all of Phoebes songs which for me ruined it a little bit as people where unable to take pictures whilst she was performing and one person even got a slight telling off. 

We then made our way round the Silent New Years Disco to learn Monica and Ross's 'Routine' - again a little annoyed because the routine was actually out of sync slightly, yes I'm sad, it's one of my favourite epsisodes and I've watched it 50 thousand times - which was hilarious and I'm pretty sure I pulled my back trying to do the funky chicken. We also took a swift visit to the Wedding Chapel to prance about in some wedding dresses.

Before we left we headed off to the gift shop and I picked up a little Central Perk doormat!

All in all, we had a really good day out but for £24 each I would of really expected a free drink token or something. I would still definitely tell everyone who is obsessed with Friends to go if there is another on next year but it would be a nice extra if you got a little bit more bang for your buck! I probably would go again as it's a fun day out full of LOTS of photos and as the event is only in it's 2nd year it was still really impressive.

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  1. This sounds brilliant! I thought it was a one-off when it was in London but I hope it comes back next year as I'd love to go and see this. Its crazy that we're so far past when it ended but it is still so popular! xo