18 September 2016


Oh Lush! Its been so long and I've bloody missed you! I haven't had a nice soak full of bubbles since July and my skin is feeling unloved. It's been well overdue so Kieran and I took a quick trip to the Lush store in Sheffield to stock up. And even better, I get a little blog post out of it too! So sit back, relax and have a cheeky mooch through what we bought - I say we as Kieran loves Lush just as much as I do!

In the run up to Christmas I'm starting to crave the Snow Fairy feeling...but as the Christmas range doesn't appear until the end of October this is the next best thing.

Another bubble bar that I've seen but never tried. My love for the bright pink comforter runs deep and I'm really feeling all these orangey smells.

One of Kieran's picks - which I will admittedly be stealing - was this minty fresh shower gel. I'm a big lover of the sweet and flowery so this will be a refreshing change...literally!

An explosion of citrus scents and hypnotising floating purple oils makes this bath bomb on fire! See what I did there! I can't wait to let the sixties vibe wash over me.

Whilst Kieran and I were sniffing and slathering on all the creams on offer the lovely Genesia came over and told me about this product. With exfoliating almonds and cocoa butter to smooth, this bar leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft without the greasy after feeling that body lotion can sometimes leave. Perfect for keeping them pesky stretch marks and cellulite at bay.

I've been running a little low on my Mintjulips lip scrub and thought why not mix it up and try something sweeter. I love Lush lip scrubs as my pout gets chapped and dry very easily. Before I apply lipstick of any sort I always give my lips a good scrub and apply a small amount of balm. I then wipe away the balm a minute or so later and apply my lipstick.

I personally cannot wait until October to get my hands on some of the festive goodies but hopefully this lot will keep me going for a month! Watch this space!


  1. Can you believe I only tried my first Lush product this year! I know want to try so much more so thanks for this list!


    1. NO WAY! Well enjoy my lovely! Can't beat a good pamper every now and again! :)

  2. Ooh I love a Lush haul, I went to an event there the other day and picked up some lovely bits, especially the Christmas range! can't wait for a pamper session now! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog