13 September 2016


Morning campers! For those of you that don't know me - I love dogs! Big, small, fluffy, hairless, any pooch that crossed my path gets inundated with snuggles and fuss. Kieran actually bows his head in embarrassment when I walk past a dog saying hello in a baby voice and completely ignore the owners. However I've never really introduced Archie formally. I found this little tag a while back on Amber Louise's blog and thought it was a little bit of fun...and an excuse to shower love on my little pudding - especially as his days as our only baby are slowly coming to the end.

What's your pets name and what type/breed are they?
I have a little pooch called Archie and he is a Yorkshire Terrier/Dachshund cross. So basically he is fluffy like a yorkie but has short and stumpy legs and a super long body like a sausage dog.

How old is your pet and how long have you had them?
We adopted him when he was around 6 months old on Valentines Day - not related but just a coincidence! - and he is now 2 and half.

What are some quirky things your pet does?
Archie is as quirky as they come. He has such a little personality. When he was younger, if I left anything on the floor he would take it and move it into the middle of the floor. He even has a little morning routine - so when he hears our alarm he trots upstairs, jumps on the bed and sits on your stomach ready for cuddles. He also likes to move my ugg boots into his bed.

What is your relationship with your pet like?
Some may say borderline unhealthy! He is my world and a proper fur baby. This is partially down to him suffering from really bad separation anxiety when we first got him. He is so much better now and just does his own thing...whilst coming for cuddles and kisses when he wants a bit of love. He doesn't even sleep upstairs anymore - which I kind of miss!

Lessons you've learnt since having your pet?
Archie was a challenge from the beginning! It wasn't until he was around 2 that we stopped learning lessons. Pick up anything within Archie reaching distance was a big one - if you don't pick it up, it will be eaten! Also, closing doors as the poor little pudding tends to get himself stuck in rooms when we are out at work!

What is your pets favourite past time?
For such a small dog he has so much energy! He loves walks and would go for miles - as long as you have plenty of water as he's a thirsty little so and so. He also loves playing fetch, he's really fast so can't get enough of throwing a ball around a field, or the house. Although snuggles are pretty high on the list too. He also really enjoys destuffing cuddly toys to find the squeaker and then throwing the squeaker around.

Have you given your pet any nicknames?
His most commonly used nicknames are Sausage - as he is part sausage dog - and Pudding - I'm not really sure but he answers to it!

So, this is Archie! Please feel free to borrow and let me get to know your pet! Don't forget to leave your links below if you do! :)

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