4 November 2016


Ok, so this post is a little behind schedule! Our little munchkin was a tad awkward at our 20 week scan so I had to hold off with this post until 23 weeks! Then obviously I had a few technical issues so we are currently pushing 28 weeks! But still...better late than never!

HOW BIG IS BABY: Baby is as big as a mango! Well he was...now he's more the size of an egg plant. He's also currently weighing in at around 2.2lbs. According to my little graph, if he carries on growing he will be around 7lbs in 3 months time.

HOW I'M FEELING: The nausea dwindled away around 23 weeks but in it's place I've now got the worlds most painful heartburn and acid day and night! This teamed up with pregnancy insomnia is resulting in a very grumpy and tired Jess. 
Week 27 update: The nausea seems to be making a slow come back in the morning URGHHH!

HOW MY BODY IS CHANGING: I am finally starting to see a bit of a bump start to form - although still nothing in comparison to my other pregnant friends, even the ones further behind me! On the downside, my winter coat is feeling a little snug so I definitely need to invest in a new one! I'm seriously considering just buying a waterproof poncho! 

CRAVINGS AND AVERSIONS: I had a serious addiction to Mini Cheddars not too long ago but I've not really had many aversions...its more I'm either in the mood for food or I'm not. It's a little frustrating when you have done a full weeks food shop and then don't end up fancying any of it.

SOMETHING THAT MADE ME HAPPY THIS WEEK: A lot has happened since my 20 week scan. We've decorated our nursery, bought our travel system and started feeling little kicks from the outside. Although he's not really much of a kicker. He's more of a gymnast than a footballer. The nursery is currently my happy place where I just go and smile to myself. I'm so proud of all the work we put into it and very grateful to all the help we've received from our family.
Week 27 update: I've also just finished for work until 2018! My maternity leave doesn't start for another month but due to lots of annual leave I've been able to escape early...and just in time!

AND SOMETHING THAT MADE ME NOT SO HAPPY: A few weeks ago I took part in my Glucose Tolerance Test. Although the drink wasn't too bad and the 2 hour wait was tolerable at the end of it all they were only able to get a tiny amount of blood and even then I was told the following day I would have to go through with the test again - ARGHHHH! 
Week 27 update: This week I had my whooping cough injection which has unfortunately left me with a big, sore, lump on my arm. It's definitely worth it though!! All for little one! :)

STRANGE SYMPTOMS: The nightmares and the insomnia. I currently only get about 3 hours sleep a night and even then I'm plagued with strange and horrible nightmares. They are so vivid and anxiety inducing! It's bloody scary! I'm an anxious enough person without night terrors making their way in. And although my feet haven't really swollen up, my soles are hating life at the minute. I've had to buy a wooden massager from The Body Shop as poor Kieran was getting so fed up of rubbing my poor tootsies.

I honestly can't believe we only have another 3 months left! I'm really looking forward to a good amount of nesting and resting and I will catch up with you at 30 weeks! :)


  1. How lucky that you've finished work! Vx

    1. Fortunately I had A LOT of annual leave to take as I haven't been away at all this year! Good job really as the public transport commute was getting a tad difficult!