28 November 2016


Last week was my final week in double figures - HOLY CRAP! - and what a week it's was. After a precautionary visit to the triage ward over a bit of abdominal pain we uncovered that my blood pressure was sky high. I've then been monitored over a 3 day period in and out of hospital. As it turns out, I am currently on the cusp of Pre Eclampsia with protein in my pee and my lowest blood pressure being borderline. This all came on rather suddenly as only 3 days before I had my usual midwife visit which was perfectly normal. I was then admitted onto the labour ward for constant monitoring for 4 days and put on blood pressure medication to try and bring my BP down. I finally escaped on Friday. We also had our first antenatal class the weekend previous which was actually a lot more fun than I thought. Unfortunately I had to miss the second session due to being so poorly!

HOW BIG IS BABY: Our little bundle is as big as a butternut squash and weighs around 3lbs. I honestly have no idea where he is hiding although he is definitely making his presence known in there now!

HOW I'M FEELING: I can safely say I have spent the last 3 weeks feeling like I've got a really crappy cold that I can't shake! It's awful! I wouldn't say it's as bad as the first trimester but after 7 months of it...it's all getting a little tedious now! My blood pressure medication also still knocks me about a little bit as it is quite a high dosage. 

HOW MY BODY IS CHANGING: Well, the extra weight of bump and boobs is seriously taking it's toll on my back and I also seemed to of developed some wrist pain from a little bit of swelling. I also slightly resemble a pin cushion with how many blood tests I've had over the last week. My poor, poor veins. 

CRAVINGS AND AVERSIONS: Nothing in particular, I either want to starve or eat the whole contents of the fridge. This damn acid reflux is making eating a little tedious.

SOMETHING THAT MADE ME HAPPY: Kieran going in to Daddy mode. What with the antenatal class and then our not so little trip to the hospital he really stepped up his game. Stroking my hand, running around after me and bringing me copious amounts of food. Little one has also been getting a bit of an attention seeker with his kicks and although they scare me when they come out of know where they are actually really heart warming.

AND SOMETHING THAT MADE ME NOT SO HAPPY: The prospect of pre-eclampsia and all the hours I've clocked up in the antenatal ward. Spending between 4-8 hours being monitored each day is a little soul destroying after a while and day in, day out in hospital isn't too great either.

STRANGE SYMPTOMS: I've not really had any new symptoms - apart from the slow disappearance of my ankles. HELLO CANKLE-TOWN!

My next update will be at 32 weeks and hopefully it'll be a positive one! 

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