7 November 2016


As my second trimester comes to a close, I thought it's time to reflect a little on the last 3 months and impart my wisdom on those currently entering what some will call "the best part" of pregnancy. Just so you know, that is completely tongue in cheek and in no way am I an expert - LOL! - I just wanted to share with you what my go-to things have been and how much of a godsend they were! If you missed my post for the First Trimester you can read it here :)

In the midst of the second trimester my feet were causing me no end of issues! After only a few hours traipsing around a shopping centre my soles were throbbing and I was practically shuffling around. Even my trusty memory foam flip flops weren't doing me any good. So I headed off to The Body Shop and bought some Peppermint Foot Rescue to soothe my aching tootsies. Perfect for demanding foot massages off your other half or Mum and moisturising to boot.

Also from The Body Shop - Kieran was getting a little bit fed up with my constant complaining and having to rub my feet every night and I spotted this little beauty. Although I can't find a link to it online The Body Shop have tons of wooden massagers in store and online. It's small and dome shaped and you just plonk it on the floor and rub your sole up and down it. The first time I used it I'm pretty sure the neighbours thought I was taking part in some form of sexual act - YES, it was that good!

As much as I love my big long sausage pillow, my bump gets a tad sore and numb if I lie on it for too long! Whilst picking up our nursery bits and bobs I spotted this Mothercare Wedge Pillow. I've started wedging it under me like a door stop as I tend to lie at a bit of a strange angle inbetween side ways/on my front. It also helps for when I'm suffering from back pain.

I was relying on Rennies over the last 4/5 months but unfortunately they just weren't doing the trick anymore! Personally, I despise the taste of original Gaviscon so I have to have the mint flavour one, which handily comes in a double action bottle.

My god am I thirsty at the minute! Especially at night - how convenient right! I have to take at least 2 or 3 glasses to bed with me otherwise I'd be up and down all night! I've also had to dig out my bottle from my first trimester which I took everywhere! Just keep hydrated everybody!

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